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Personal Interests

Darrell Chodorow has more than 15 years of consulting experience in commercial damages, valuation, and tax matters with The Brattle Group. His work has covered a broad array of industries including oil, natural gas, and electricity; biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals; commodities and financial services; gaming; consumer products; high technology and media; and transportation.

His expertise includes developing practical insights from detailed analyses of complex business and financial contracts in the context of damages quantification, asset valuation, and the evaluation of economic substance underlying transactions. He brings to client engagements thoughtful development of market benchmarks and comprehensive modeling of the assets and transactions at issue.

Commercial Damages: Mr. Chodorow provides expert testimony and advice on damages in breach of contract, intellectual property, antitrust, and other matters. He has worked on cases before U.S. state and federal courts, the U.S. Court of Claims, and the Federal Court of Australia, as well as arbitration tribunals including the AAA, ICSID, ICC, SCC, LCIA, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

Business and Asset Valuation: Mr. Chodorow has valued businesses, financial assets, and business assets in litigation and non-litigation matters. He has conducted valuations in a variety of industries including agricultural products, cement, chemicals, financial products, gaming, petroleum, and electricity.

Tax Disputes: Mr. Chodorow has advised the U.S. Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service, and taxpayers on matters related to economic substance, research tax credits, and asset valuation. Cases related to economic substance include BLIPS, Son of Boss, CARDS, DAD, short-sale, and leasing transactions.

Representative Engagements
An Economic Evaluation of 'Funding' for Research Tax Credits
September 29, 2014
Published in Tax Notes
The BP Royalty Trust: Warning of Impending Price Declines or a Failing Economic Indicator
September 2012
Darrell B. Chodorow and Philip Verleger
Published in Notes at the Margin
The Economic Implications of the Texas Waiver on Petroleum Markets and the Broader Economy
June 2008
Darrell B. Chodorow and Philip Verleger
Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.
Guest Lecturer in Regulation and Deregulation of U.S. Industries
February 2008
Presented at the University of Virginia School of Law
Standards for Consulting Firms Working with Academic Experts
December 2004
Presented at Law Seminars International’s Expert Testimony in Litigation Conference, Reston, VA
Stages of Power Plant Development – A Survey
August 2000
Presented at Electric Power Research Institute conference on “Boom-Bust” business cycles in the power industry, Cambridge, MA
Distributed Generation: Threats and Opportunities
April 1998
Prepared for The Electricity Distribution Conference: Opportunities and Challenges for the Distribution Company in the New Millennium, Denver, CO
What's in the Cards for Distribution Companies
April 1998
Presented to The Electricity Distribution Conference, Denver, CO
The FERC, Stranded Cost Recovery, and Municipalization
Gregory N. Basheda, Darrell B. Chodorow, Peter S. Fox-Penner, Dean M. Murphy, Joseph B. Wharton, Jason A. Hicks, Eric Hirst, and James K. Mitchell
Published in Energy Law Journal

Darrell lives in Maryland with his wife and two boys. As a native New Mexican, he enjoys anything having to do with the mountains and the outdoors. Whenever possible, he can be found on his bike.