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Dr. Lisa Cameron is an economist with two decades of experience consulting to attorneys and companies involved in commercial litigation, regulatory proceedings, and other complex matters. Her industry expertise includes pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, telecommunications, e-commerce, computer software, consumer products, energy, and electrical equipment.

Dr. Cameron has broad experience in intellectual property, antitrust, regulatory policy, and transfer pricing matters and has analyzed damages, liability, and requests for injunctive relief. She has testified in patent infringement disputes, as well as matters involving competition and investment incentives before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state public utility commissions.

Prior to joining Brattle, Dr. Cameron held senior positions at Cornerstone Research, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, and Lexecon Inc. Prior to becoming a consultant, Dr. Cameron was a professor of economics in Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Business, where she taught courses in microeconomic theory, regulation, and antitrust policy.

Representative Engagements
August 2017
Published in the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Quarterly Journal

This article reviews the economic framework behind the calculation of reasonable royalty damages and explain how to implement two key methods of computing these damages—referred to as the Market Share Method (“MSM”) and the Equilibrium Profit Method (“EPM”).

Interview with Joshua Gans on Interoperability, Disruption, and Antitrust
April 2017
Published in Perspectives in Antitrust
Computing Damages in Product Mislabeling Cases: Plaintiffs’ Mistaken Approach in Briseno v. ConAgra
February 27, 2017
Published in Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)
An Empirical Approach To Reverse Payment Settlements
July 6, 2015
Published on Law360
Brief of Antitrust Economists as Amici Curiae in Support of Defendants-Appellants
January 15, 2015
Lisa J. Cameron, Steven Herscovici, Henry G. Grabowski, Sheila Coombs Branyan, Kenneth G. Elzinga, Paul Greenberg, James W. Hughes, Anne Layne-Farrar, Kevin M. Murphy, Janusz A. Ordover, Ann E. Querns, Bradley N. Reiff, Jeremy A. Rist, John Rizzo, William H. Roberts, Edward A. Snyder, Bruce Stangle, Robert H. Topel, and Michael Wohlgenant
Prepared for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
The Role Of Conjoint Surveys In Reasonable Royalty Cases
October 16, 2013
Published in Law360
Patent Damages: The Role of Conjoint Surveys
August 2013
Presented at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco
The Impact of Digitization on Business Models in Copyright-Driven Industries: A Review of the Economic Issues
February 26, 2013
In The Impact of Copyright on Innovation in the Digital Age, edited by Stephen A. Merrill and William J. Raduchel, published by The National Academy of Sciences' Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
Preliminary Injunctions in Pharmaceutical Litigation: The Economics of Irreparable Harm
February 2011
Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.
Regulation and the structure of the telecommunications industry
Gregory M. Duncan and Lisa J. Cameron
In International Handbook on Economic Regulation, edited by Michael Crew and David Parker, and published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.
Transmission Investment: Obstacles to a Market Approach
March 2001
Published in The Electricity Journal
Limiting Buyer Discretion: Effects on Price and Performance in Long-Term Contracts
March 2000
Published in The American Economic Review
The Role of the ISO in U.S. Electricity Markets: A Comparison of California and PJM
April 1999
Lisa J. Cameron and Peter Cramton
Published in The Electricity Journal
Using Auctions to Divest Generation Assets
December 1997
Lisa J. Cameron, Peter Cramton, and Robert Wilson
Published in The Electricity Journal