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Mr. Tsuchida specializes in the analysis of wholesale electric markets and modeling, including operations, valuations of transmission and generation assets, deliverability analyses, RTO cost benefit analyses, market power studies, and contract evaluations.

His experience spans a wide range of utility consulting projects, including the analysis of operations for power markets, ranging from integration studies for intermittent resources such as wind and solar power, ancillary service studies, operational logic studies, and analyses required for regulatory proceedings. These studies range from large interconnected systems to small island systems.

Mr. Tsuchida also has extensive experience in the analysis and modeling of wholesale marketing restructuring for the electric industry and power systems. For the U.S. Department of Energy, he has been involved in the modeling of the entire Eastern Interconnection for the National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors. He has also performed cost benefit analyses of various RTOs, and analyses of RTO options for utilities and RTO seams eliminations. He has evaluated both transmission and generation assets and contracts for electric power markets throughout North America, as well as in the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia.

Prior to joining Brattle, Mr. Tsuchida was a principal at Charles River Associates. He was also a project manager at the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), where he oversaw international generation development projects and was the lead engineer for Southeast Asia generation units. While at TEPCO, he concentrated primarily on the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of thermal power plants.

Representative Engagements
Impacts of Marginal Loss Implementation in ERCOT
October 11, 2017
Metin Celebi, Toshiki Bruce Tsuchida, Rebecca Carroll, Colin McIntyre, and Ariel Kaluzhny
Prepared for Ad Hoc Group, including Vistra Energy, The Wind Coalition, and First Solar
Review of the Renewable Denton Plan: Final Report
June 10, 2016
Prepared for City Manager George Campbell, City of Denton, Texas
Benefit-Cost Analysis of Proposed New York AC Transmission Upgrades
September 15, 2015
Presented to NYISO and DPS Staff
Comparative Generation Costs of Utility-Scale and Residential-Scale PV in Xcel Energy Colorado’s Service Area
July 2015
Prepared for First Solar
Integrating Renewable Energy into the Electricity Grid: Case studies showing how system operators are maintaining reliability
June 2015
Prepared for the Advanced Energy Economy Institute
What the Islands Can Teach Us About Hybrid Energy
February 3, 2015
Published in North American Wind Power
EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Reliability: Assessing NERC's Initial Reliability Review
February 2015
Prepared for Advanced Energy Economy Institute
Topology Control Algorithms: Applications for Market Efficiency Improvements and Overload Relief
July 30, 2014
Pablo Ruiz, Michael Caramanis, Evgeniy Goldis, David Hislop, Bhavana Keshavamurthy, Xiaoguang Li, Dan Moscovitz, Russ Philbrick, Alex Rudkevich, Richard Tabors, and Toshiki Bruce Tsuchida
Presented at the Super Session on Grid Operations, 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting, National Harbor, MD
Topology Control Algorithms (TCA): Simulations in PJM with AC Modeling
June 23, 2014
Pablo Ruiz, Michael Caramanis, Evgeniy Goldis, Bhavana Keshavamurthy, Xiaoguang Li, Russ Philbrick, Alex Rudkevich, Richard Tabors, and Toshiki Bruce Tsuchida
Presented at the FERC Technical Conference On Increasing Real-Time And Day-Ahead Market Efficiency Through Improved Software, Washington, DC
Renewable Energy Integration: Practical Management of Variability, Uncertainty, and Flexibility in Power Grids (contributing author)
June 2014
Published by Elsevier. Author of Chapter 24, "Renewables Integration on Islands"
Transmission Topology Control Algorithms (TCA): Simulations on PJM Real Time Markets
November 19, 2013
Pablo Ruiz, Xiao Li, Michael Caramanis, Evgeniy Goldis, Bhavana Keshavamurthy, Mahendra Patel, Alex Rudkevich, Richard Tabors, and Toshiki Bruce Tsuchida
Presented at the TCA/RATC Workshop on Topology Control, Norristown, PA
Recommendations for Enhancing ERCOT’s Long-Term Transmission Planning Process
October 2013
The Brattle Group, Inc., prepared for The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
Planning for High Levels of Renewable Penetration: Key Challenges and Approaches for Caribbean Island Systems
September 18, 2013
Presented at the CARILEC Renewable Energy Forum, Bridgetown, Barbados