June 01, 2017

Jürgen Weiss to Present on Electrification at Colorado State University’s CNNE Conference

Brattle Principal Jürgen Weiss will present at Colorado State University’s Center for the New Energy Economy (CNNE) conference, “Repowering the Western Economy,” taking place June 1, 2017 in Denver, CO.

The event gathers state officials, utilities, environmental advocates, and stakeholders to discuss the West’s transition to a clean energy future.

Dr. Weiss will present during the session “Electrification.” He will discuss how a future of declining load growth and higher rates is emerging, which poses a significant increase in sales to electrify more energy end uses in the transportation, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. In addition, Dr. Weiss will be addressing electrification-related questions, including:

  • Which end uses represent the best near-term opportunities for electrification and which are areas to monitor (e.g., EVs, water heating, space heating, others)?
  • What are cities, non-profits, and corporations doing to electrify the transportation sector and what do they need from state policy to accelerate the transition?
  • How are different utilities planning to take advantage of the potential for increased demand through electrification?
  • How will utility investments in electrification be evaluated by regulators, particularly with respect to demonstrating a public need and use of ratepayer funds?

For more information, please visit the CNNE website.

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Dr. Weiss specializes in issues broadly motivated by climate change concerns, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, the interaction between electricity, gas and transportation, and carbon pricing. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4