May 11, 2017

Ryan Hledik to Present at Inconnect’s Ancillary Services and Demand Response Management Forum

Brattle Principal Ryan Hledik will present at Inconnect’s 3rd Annual Ancillary Services and Demand Response Management Forum, taking place May 11-12, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The event gathers key decision makers to discuss the opportunities present to achieve better integration of flexible demand and energy market objectives. Topics of discussion include regulatory incentives to facilitate markets, significant changes in market design, and storage technologies.

Mr. Hledik will present during the session, “Demand Side Flexibility,” and will discuss the findings of a Brattle report he co-authored, “The Hidden Battery: Opportunities in Electric Water Heating.” Mr. Hledik will review the opportunities and challenges of providing ancillary services through household demand response (DR), provide insight on the economics of an emerging technology, and identify market designs that facilitate participation.

To learn more, or to register, please visit the event website.

Associated Experts
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Mr. Hledik has expertise in assessing the economics of smart grid investments and policies. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4