October 26, 2017

Shaun Ledgerwood to Present at Platts’ 10th Annual Nodal Trader Conference

Brattle Principal Shaun Ledgerwood will present at Platt’s 10th Annual Nodal Trader Conference on FTR Litigation and Risks, Updates on Compliance, and Supporting the Mexican Market, taking place October 26-27, 2017 in New York, NY.

The event gathers traders, utilities, investors, and regulators to network and discuss the critical power market issues. Dr. Ledgerwood will present during the panel discussion “A New Administration at FERC – What Will Their Views Be on Market Manipulation and Compliance?”

The Brattle Group is a sponsor of this event. To learn more, or to register, please visit the event website.

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Dr. Ledgerwood is an expert in market competitiveness with an emphasis on the economic analysis of potential market manipulation claims in commodities and securities markets. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4