August 17, 2017

Andrew Abere Interviewed in Law360 Article on Working With Antitrust Experts

Brattle Principal Andrew Abere was recently interviewed in the Law360 article, “Tips for Working With Economics Experts in Antitrust Cases,” outlining key pieces of advice on the most effective use of experts in antitrust litigation.

In selecting an expert, Dr. Abere recommends that legal teams consider whether a potential expert has the necessary time to devote to the case, particularly if court-ordered deadlines are imminent. He also advises engaging economic experts as early in the case as possible, as this enables experts to work with the legal team in a more effective and efficient manner. Lastly, Dr. Abere encourages experts to keep in mind that their audience in a courtroom will likely lack advanced knowledge of antitrust issues, and thus it is important to present findings in a clear and concise manner.

To read the full article, please click here.

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